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Answers to the common question of "How much does a website cost?"

Professional quality web sites at extremely competitive prices!We are often asked the question, “How much does it cost to build a website?” Unfortunately, the answer to that question is the same as if you asked a building contractor how much it costs to build a house. Clearly, the answer in that case is dependent upon the number, types and sizes of the rooms, the construction materials and the many potential amenities.

Many factors affect the cost of a website. These include whether you are going to be selling something on the website (e-commerce) or just providing information about your products or services. It is also determined by the number of pages there will be on the site and the general content of the pages. Will there be forms for the visitors to fill out? Will there be downloadable brochures? Who will be providing the content? Who will be providing the images, and will they already be digitized or will they need to be scanned? There are many other questions that will need to be answered in order to finalize a price.

Having said that, we know that you still want to get an idea of the relative magnitude of the cost. You can use the following as a guide for pricing your website, but keep in mind that we cannot give you an actual price until we know a lot more about your needs.

Opening page - $595.

  • Includes professionally designed header graphic, navigation buttons, insert of content (text and images)

Additional pages - $75. to $295.

  • The wide price spread shown is indicative of the fact that the cost will be calculated based on the content of the page.

E-commerce items

  • If you are going to be selling items on your website, there will be a charge of approximately $20. per item listed to cover the cost of inserting the image of the item and the coding to enable the “shopping cart” program to process the item.

If you will only be offering PayPal as a method of payment to your customers and you do not have sophisticated discount structures, complex sales tax requirements or complex shipping charges, you can use PayPal’s shopping cart program at no charge.

If your pricing structure is more involved, you may need to license a shopping cart program that can accommodate your involved needs. The program that we use requires an annual licensing fee of $399.

If you want to be able to accept credit cards without using PayPal, you will need to obtain a merchant agreement from a banking establishment. We can assist you in that regard. We also recommend Merchant Support Network, Inc.  They specialize in merchant accounts and have handled the majority of our client's merchant account needs.  To learn more, and apply online, click here or you can visit their main web site at www.MerchantSupport.com.

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